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Bolster Food & Drink Safety: Strengthen Your Supply Chain Vulnerability Risk Assessments & Product Authenticity, Drive Food Safety Cultures & Prepare For The Latest Food Fraud Threats & Legislative Trends With Practical, Future-Focused Methods & Technology. A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 27th September 2018, One America Square, Central London. Download The Brochure. Book Before 24th May & Save £150.

24 Industry-Leading Food & Drink Manufacturers Share Forward-Focused Strategies In One Inspiring Day:

  1. Bolster Supply Chain Integrity & Food Defence: Advanced risk assessment processes and testing methods to ensure raw material authenticity and end-product safety
  2. Embed Food Safety Cultures Into The Business Core: Practical steps to drive a long-term culture shift that puts food safety and quality first
  3. Get On Top Of Legislative Trends & BRC Updates: Future-proof your commercial plans and adapt your procedures
  4. Prevent Food Fraud & Horizon Scan The Next Big Threats: The practical methods to remain aware of the main trends, latest hotspots and new upcoming threats to food and drink
  5. New Technology & The Latest Systems – Worth The Investment? Deciphering the latest innovations which could advance and streamline your food safety procedures
  6. Allergens & Contaminants, The Ongoing Battle! The latest thinking and practical controls to ensure your product is safe and avoids costly recalls
  7. Sugar Reduction & Reformulation: Insights into the implications, challenges and lessons learned for food safety.

Bolster Food & Drink Safety! 15 Manufacturers | 3 Regulators | 3 Academics | 3 Restaurants: Supply Chain Vulnerability Risk Assessments • Supply Chain Integrity & Authenticity • Food Safety Culture • Legislation Trends • Food Fraud & Horizon Scanning • Technology & Systems • Allergens & Contaminants • Reformulation & Sugar Reduction

PLUS! This Food & Drink Safety Conference Also Features:

  • 24 Food & Drink Manufacturers, Regulators, Academics & 3 Restaurants Speaking From The Frontline
  • 1 Compact, Future-Focused Day
  •  97%+ Average Satisfaction Rating!
  •  4 Panel Discussions: “Technology & Systems”, “New Legislation”, “Culture” & “Allergens & Contaminants”
  •  1 Sugar & Reformation Case Study
  •  1 Technology & Systems Panel
  •  1 Consultative Clinic On Spices
  •  3 Informal Lunchtime Discussions: A) Sugar Reduction B) Packaging C) Honey
  • 2 Double Perspectives: “Supply Chain Integrity & Authenticity” & “Food Fraud & Horizon Scanning”
  •  Open Q&A

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